Frequently Asked Questions

This section was created to provide answers to the most common queries about America’s Youth Outreach Programs.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us to send us an email or give us a call.

Yes they do. Give us six months to one year, minimum, and we can improve your child's Honor, Discipline, Respect, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Physical Fitness, Concentration, Coordination, Commitment and Competitive Spirit, which increases and improves Social Interaction and Academic Performance. When a child is feeling good about him/herself, they naturally want to continue.

You are welcome to speak to the instructor at the location to see if they can work with the child. He/She is very welcome to try it out.

You are welcome to speak to the instructor at the location and see if they can work with the child. He/She is very welcome to try it out. Some at that age have a greater attention span than others.

Most definitely! If you have one child in the program and pay the fees in full at the beginning of the semester up to week four, we will wave the Registration Fee! We also provide a Multi-Student Discount of $1 per student/ per week for registering multiple students.

Yes. To make up an absence simply attend two classes in one day/night. You may also see the instructor for information on additional locations or nights to make up the missing class.

Yes. Your instructor can inform you of your options for additional locations. Attending 2 classes a week qualifies you as a Black Belt Club Member. This qualifies you for possible double promotion but does not guarantee it. The second class, for an individual student, of the Black Belt Club is only $5.00! This discount does not apply to make up classes.

There are three different types of Martial Arts: Karate, Judo, and Kung Fu. We teach mostly Tae Kwon Do - Olympic Style Karate.

Children can advance from White Belt all the way up to Black Belt! The order is: White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Brown, Junior Black and Black. Each belt color has one to three degrees to pass before graduating to the next color. At each belt color you must pass through 1st, 2nd and possibly 3rd degrees before advancing.

We will honor their existing rank and then advance them further when they show they are ready.

We will honor their existing rank and then advance them further when they show they are ready.

That depends on the effort your child puts forth. He/she could advance in as fast as one semester (ten to fifteen weeks) or it could take him/her two or three semesters. Advancement isn't something that can be bought, it must be earned. So the answer really depends on how hard your child is willing to work.

Your child will progress at his/her own pace. This answer too depends on the amount of effort and practice your child puts forth in order to reach the black belt level.

The tournament helps to build a healthy competitive attitude in life. It is a controlled environment and therefore the best place for them to practically use the skills they've been learning. It is also great for developing self-confidence when they win and humility when they don't.

Yes. He/she could attend two classes on the same night. Or, because we have so many locations, you can check to see if there is a location available in the other parent's area so that they can go to class every week.

5 years old and up. If they´re under 5 years old, you must check with the instructor at your location 10 minutes prior to class. Most instructors will take students who are almost 5 years old and can pay attention in class.

The start date will usually appear on your flyer, in the big box, in the middle of the page. Or you can find that information on this site, at the top of any page under CLASSES. Please find your city or location for the dates of the current semester.

All locations meet one day each week. The day of the week depends on your location. Please refer to flyer or online schedules for the day of your class.

The Class costs for one child = $8/week, two children = $7/week, three children or more = $6/week. There is also a $5 registration fee at the beginning of the semester and a $20 advancement fee at the end collected directly in class. That´s it!

Registration, Class and Advancement are the only mandatory Fees to participate in class. Everything else you can purchase through the program, including uniforms, safety and training equipment, are optional.

Uniforms are not mandatory, but are highly recommended to help the child feel like a part of the team. You do not have to have them right away, but if your student likes the class, please try to get them one as soon as possible. Uniforms are $35 and can be purchased at class.

Baggy pants or sweat pants. If it´s hot, they can wear shorts, but no short shorts or skirts for girls and no jewelry please.

You can either register on this page or at class. If you choose to register at class, please show up 10 minutes prior to class time.

You can pay with cash or a check at class, or with PayPal, or bank card online with a 5% convenience fee.

Due to the extremely low prices AYOP charges for our program, we simply can´t afford to cover the hard costs associated with processing online payments. If you´d rather avoid this fee, please pay at class with cash or check.