America’s Youth California regional karate tournament. All AYOP locations are Invited!

Next tournament: Sunday, June 11th 2017

Competitions and tournamennts are major learning components to martial arts training. By participating in AYOP regional tournament, all competitors will have the opportunity to improve their skills.

An open forms division

Any Kata/form or combination of moves is permitted. Each competitor will evaluated based on their form, balance, stance, focus, power and proper execution.

Sparring competition

Be the first competitor to cumulate three points and become the sparring champion. While wearing protective gears, competitors will learn to build confidence using light contacts.

White & Yellow Belts

  • 9:30am - Registration
  • 10:30am - Meet with instructors & warm-up
  • 12:30pm - Sparring
  • 2:00pm - end of White & Yellow events

Orange to Black Belts

  • 12:30pm - Registration
  • 2:00pm - Black Belt Demonstration
  • 2:15pm - Orange to Black belts warm-up
  • 2:30pm - Forms: Orange to Black belts
  • 3:30pm - Sparring Orange to Black belts
  • 5:00pm - end of Orange to Black events

Each AYOP karate tournament competitor will receive one free drawing ticket for the $500.00 Cash Drawing.

Our Location

  • Address: Scrips Ranch High School - 10410 Treena St, San Diego, CA. 92131
  • Phone: (619) 282-3066
  • Email:

Registration fee

  • $30 per competitor (includes form and sparring)
  • $10 per spectator